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Clear Stream Washed Roasted Coffee Beans Guatemala SHB (200g)

Clear Stream Washed Roasted Coffee Beans Guatemala SHB (200g)

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Moderate acidity and aroma, and has a smooth texture and a fruity taste.

Guatemala is one of the largest coffee producers in Central America. Like Japan, about 70% of the land is mountainous, but most of the coffee beans grown are grown on the slopes of these mountains. Blessed with abundant rainfall and fertile soil of volcanic ash unique to the mountain slopes, the cold wind blowing down from the mountains and the warm wind blowing through the valleys, warmed by the powerful sun peculiar to Central America. It is famous as one of the most suitable cultivation areas for coffee cultivation in the world because it is kept in a temperature zone suitable for growing coffee beans. The higher the altitude, the richer the aroma of coffee beans due to the difference in temperature, so the higher the altitude, the higher the rank. SHB (Strictly Hard Beans) is the highest rank among the seven rank categories.

[Coffee beans] Guatemalan SHB
[Country of origin] Guatemala
[Origin altitude] 1,350 -1,650m
[Variety] Bourbon, Caturra
[Refining method] Washed
[Roasting place] Tokyo Mountain Riverside Cafe roasting factory (Hinohara Village, Tokyo)
[Roasting method] Roasting with clear water washing (medium roasting)
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