Tokyo x Mountain®️ (Tokyo Mountain®️) was born with the concept of “living,” “eating,” and “playing” in a location where you can enjoy full-fledged natural abundance while staying in Tokyo, which is relatively close to the city center.

Hinohara Village is the only village in Tokyo excluding the islands, and about 93% of it is forest. Although it is relatively close to the center of Tokyo, about 50 km or an hour and a half by car, most of it is a national park area designated as Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, including "Hinohara Tomin no Mori", and beautiful mountains. It is also a very beautiful area where the clear streams of the Aki River, which is the upper stream of the Tama River, flow in the north and south.

“Tokyo x Mountain Riverside Cafe” is located in the upper reaches of the Minami Akikawa River, where clean water always flows throughout the year, and you can see Yamame trouts swimming in front of you.

Our café uses unique green coffee beans procured from all over the world through our own route, and is washed using the clear waters of the Minami Akikawa River before roasting to remove thin skins and impurities. We call it "清流水洗い焙煎®️(Seiryu Mizuarai Baisen)". Coffee beans are roasted to the optimum degree according to each type of beans, and served to customers as a cup of coffee at just the right time to drink.

Hinohara Village's clear stream water is soft water with a moderate mineral balance. If you boil it and brew coffee, the coffee ingredients will be extracted well, so it will be a very delicious cup of coffee.

While enjoying the clearest air in Tokyo, clear natural water, and beautiful natural scenery from the wooden deck, enjoy a special cup of coffee brewed with delicious water from Hinohara Village and unique and flavorful coffee beans ordered from around the world.

At our café, we also sell coffee beans that have been roasted after being washed in clean water "清流水洗い焙煎®️(Seiryu Mizuarai Baisen)".

Coffee Shop / Roastery

Tokyo x Mountain Riverside Cafe